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I want to know how Brokers work @ Forex Factory

Hello all,

I have some questions in mind for some days.

We deposit money to brokers for trading. So far I know that brokers earn from the ‘Spreads‘ from our trades we open.

But I wonder how much money they make from this spread to run a broker? Is it sufficient for them or there are other sources?

My another question is if we lose money then where it goes? I mean who gets it? And if we make Profit then whose money we are getting? As I know that Forex is a market place, it’s not a product. So it’s doesn’t have own income source, it’s all traders money.

Once I read somewhere that at first Brokers handle their traders by their own money and if it exceeds limit then they switches trades in open market. Is it true or possible?

Often I hear if a trader lose money then the respective broker gets benefited. How?

Excerpt from: I want to know how Brokers work @ Forex Factory

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