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FOrex Trading Strategy GBP CHF, EUR CHF Money In the Bank … WHat the hell happened with the CHF pairs? The EUR CHF, GBP CHF, USD CHF, AUD CHF, CHF JPY etc all made a record move that turned out to be the jackpot for some lucky traders while others just watched it go by. To most people a Forex trading strategy means getting in when some magic indicator goes up or down or crosses some level. But among people who take trading seriously we know that trading is a holistic process based on developing visual skills as well as patience and discipline through success training and trading psychology. Forex trading is a real business based on stacking probabilities in favor of the trader against uncertainty and chaos and multiple possibilities. One of the biggest challenges is the trader’s desire to be “right” as opposed to letting go of the ego in order to accomplish the more obvious goal of making money. Once you realize that making money is possible without being right trading becomes much easier. Watch carefully in these videos and you will experience a major breakthrough when you see how some traders keep hauling in profits over and over while not knowing what the market is going to do next. This Forex Strategy is not for the weak, lazy or impatient. With a little discipline you will see why professional trading with real results in real trading accounts is not about an indicator crossing a level.

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